Sunday, July 25, 2010

Automatic Loveletter

One of the main reasons I did not attend Warped Tour this year was because I was not impressed with the lineup. However, if your Warped Tour date has yet to roll around and you are attending make sure you see Automatic Loveletter who have been playing mainly the Kevin Says and the Ernie Ball stages.

Don't let the fact that they are female-fronted have you mistake them for another Paramore because they are far from it. Juliet Simms' raspy voice is something fresh in the current scene and the band is much more rock-oriented as opposed to artists like Paramore and Hey Monday.

Their debut album Truth or Dare was released just last month and has thus far been my favorite album of the summer. It starts out with "Heart Song," a song that's boldly proves how hard this chick can rock. Then it slows down into the ballad "Hush" which displays Simms' immense talent as a vocalist. Hitting it's climax with "Story Of My Life," we are shown the struggle this band has been through to get to this point in their career as a result of the Payola Scandal. The line "eight years, I'm a warrior" is by far my favorite line of the entire album. As the album reaches it's close you have "Butterflies" which is my favorite song, opening with "Here I go I'm gonna start and anthem!" It's emotional and raw with lines like "I was so f*cking heartless." The finale comes in the form of "Back To Life" which couldn't be more fitting. It starts off slow gradually building momentum, showing off the range of Simms' voice.

So, if you've yet to here Automatic Loveletter, I highly recommend this album and be sure to catch them on Warped. Also, if you had the chance to catch them at your Warped date, leave a comment on your opinions of their live performance.

**Be on the look out for a track-by-track review of Avenged Sevenfold's Nightmare in the next few days.**

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