Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Veil Brides

Yesterday, at twelve in the morning I was downloading the debut album We Stitch These Wounds from Black Veil Brides. Words cannot fully express how excited I am about it.

I'm a new "bridesmaid," happily converted by my friend not too long ago. However, I had known of Andy Six thanks to his status on Myspace. I am so grateful to have found them. I love finding musicians out there that hungrily want to conquer the rock scene and bring something different to the table and this is exactly what BVB is doing with this debut album.

The introduction to the album, "The Outcasts (Call To Arms)," sums up everything you're about to heard in three short sentences: "This record is for the outcasts. The following are stories of love, life, and never giving in. We are the Black Veil Brides." What I love about this album is that Andy and the band are speaking directly to the fans. They're saying being true to yourself is hard. It's easier to give into other people and let them break you down and let them mold you into the person they want you to be. However, you can't give in; you need to stay strong. They're basically telling you that your never alone in feeling like life is all too much. They are 5 people who've got your back because they've also been through heartbreak and the pains of life. Through their music they want to help you. I'm personally a strong believer in music being able to save lives, and I think this album could be that life-saving album for some teenage kid out there.

We Stitch These Wounds is very much a fresh return to hard, aggressive rock that's been missing in this sea of pop-punk band after pop-punk band. It's got a Motley Crue feel to it, while still being very modern. Instrumentally, Sandra proves that chicks can play the shit out of the drums and the guitars are beautifully loud and angry. Andy's vocals are phenomenal. Honestly, it surprises me that such a deep, powerful voice comes out of such a skinny guy. And his screams give me chills, especially the first scream in "Perfect Weapon."

It's loud. It's angry. It's glorious.

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